Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Culinary Hub of Taiwan's Streets - A Culinary Guide to Guohua Street in Tainan

Located in the southern part of Taiwan, Tainan is about to celebrate its 400th anniversary of establishment. Known as the "Street Food Capital" of Taiwan, it boasts delicacies such as beef noodle soup, oyster omelets, and various local snacks. Tainan also offers beautiful landscapes like Cingshuei Moon World (草山月世界) and stunning sunsets at the salt fields. Additionally, the city is adorned with colorful ancient temples and various cool museums.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Roof Ornamentation in Taiwanese Temples: Fu, Lu, Shou, Twin Dragons Paying Homage to Pagoda, and Twin Dragons Guarding the Pearl

Many tourists visiting Taiwan for the first time, especially in cities like Tainan or Lukang, are inevitably captivated by the country's temple culture and its splendid architectural features. Particularly, the roof decorations on Taoist temples in Taiwan are adorned with various intricate designs.

Friday, December 15, 2023

Alishan, Chiayi: "Toe'uana" – The Promised Land, Taiwan's Gassho-zukuri, Indigenous Culinary Delights, and a Fairytale Setting

Located in the Laiji Tribe of Alishan, Chiayi, Taiwan, the "Toe'uana" permanent housing community is often referred to as the version of "Gassho-zukuri of Taiwan." With fewer than 50 chalets, the settlement intentionally spaces the houses widely apart to preserve the natural landscape. From a distance, it appears as if scattered like chess pieces, creating a charming and picturesque scene. The colorful walls and slanted roofs complement each other, resembling a scene from an isolated wonderful tale.

To visit "Toe'uana," one must travel to the Laiji Tribe in Alishan. If driving is not an option, public transportation involves taking the Chiayi Alishan Forest Railway to the "Duolin" train station and then walking approximately 2.9 kilometers for about 40 minutes to reach Toe'uana. Alternatively, visitors can arrange transportation with local bed and breakfast operators in the tribe.